The Healthcare Is a Human Right movement is anchored in state-based grassroots campaigns, which build the power to achieve real change, one state at a time. As we change state policy, we will create a domino effect of healthcare wins across the country, until we are strong enough to realize the vision of a national universal healthcare system that is publicly financed and meets the health care needs of every person in the United States.


The Southern Maine Workers’ Center (SMWC) joined the statewide Maine Health Care is a Human Right Campaign in 2013, and committed to building the collective power of working-class and low-income people to demand and win a universal, publicly funded health care system in Maine. Learn More >>


Healthcare Is a Human Right – Maryland was formed by Healthcare Now! Maryland, Physicians for a National Health Program – Maryland, and United Workers in 2012. With committees currently active in eight counties, the campaign is building a statewide movement for universal, publicly financed health care. Learn More >>


Put People First! Pennsylvania is a membership organization of poor and working people who are organizing across race, geographies, and other divisions to advance human rights across the state. PPF!PA was founded in 2012 and began its HCHR campaign in 2013. Learn More >>


The Vermont Workers’ Center launched its Healthcare Is a Human Right campaign in 2008. Thousands of people came together from across the state and developed the HCHR campaign model to change what was considered politically possible in healthcare reform. In 2011, the campaign won passage of Act 48, the first law of its kind in the country, which committed the state to moving toward a universal, publicly financed healthcare system. Learn More >>

National Members

National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI)
In partnership with communities, NESRI works to build a broad movement for economic & social rights, including health, housing, education and work with dignity. Based on the principle that fundamental human needs create human rights obligations on the part of government and the private sector, NESRI advocates for public policies that guarantee the universal and equitable fulfillment of these rights in the United States. NESRI has provided strategic campaign support for the Healthcare Is a Human Right movement since 2008.