People’s Convention Facilitator’s Guide (excerpts)

These three Facilitator’s Guides were created for and used at Vermont’s People’s Convention for Human Rights in 2012.

The Problem Tree workshop gets participants to map out their experiences of the human rights crisis in their communities and to identify the root causes of these problems.  For Facilitator’s Guide, click here.

The Principled Vision workshop gets participants to collectively envision a world rooted in human rights principles and to go beyond a laundry list of issues and develop structural solutions to root causes.  It assists participants in considering how issue-based campaigns can include and promote these broader principles and build a unified vision, and how building power can make this vision a reality. For Facilitator’s Guide, click here.

The Recipe for our Movement workshop gets participants to develop strategic unity around the need to organize deeply for the long haul, not just mobilize for individual battles.  It proposes a model for how to get from our current society to the one we want by building a unified movement using the ingredients in the People’s Recipe.  It highlights concrete ways that ingredients are being used successfully in our organizations.  It also assists participants to envision what our movement needs to build in each ingredient and make personal commitments. For Facilitator’s Guide, click here.

For the Principled Vision workshop Facilitators Guide, download below.  For the other Facilitator Guides, click above.

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Author: Vermont Workers' Center

Date Published: 2012

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