What Is a Human Rights Narrative and How Can It Help Create Change?

This fact sheet describes the components of a human rights narrative and how it can be used to counter dominant narratives that deny people’s rights and maintain systems of oppression. A human rights narrative reflects shared values that unify people around a positive vision for transformative change.

Maine Care Flyer

This one-page flyer explains why Maine’s State Legislature must expand Maine’s Medicaid program, Maine Care, under the Affordable Care Act, explaining how not expanding Medicaid denies many people access to healthcare, a denial that will kill some people.

Maine Healthcare is a Human Right FAQ

This set of frequently asked questions lays out the mission and vision of Maine’s Healthcare is a Human Right campaign, discusses human rights and a human rights framework for healthcare in Maine, explains why the Affordable Care Act fails to meet people’s healthcare needs, contrasts universal publicly financed healthcare with market-based health insurance, discusses why […]

Human Right to Healthcare

This info sheet highlights the key principles of the human right to healthcare and government obligations to ensure the human right to healthcare.

Role of Single Payer Proposals in the Human Right to Healthcare

This fact sheet compares single payer health care proposals to market-based approaches, based on human rights principles, and finds that single payer proposals are far better at meeting human rights standards. Download the factsheet below, or read the full report on single payer and human rights here.

Human Right to Health and Healthcare

This fact sheet briefly explains the human right to health and health care, and lists the international treaties which guarantee these rights.

People of Color and the Human Right to Healthcare: Federal Health Reform Law

In its series of fact sheets on the human rights impact of the new law, the NESRI release this analysis from the perspective of people of color. We find that the law’s failure to meet the key human rights standards of universality, equity, and accountability has concrete repercussions for people of color.

Health Workers and Green Mountain Care

This document explains why Green Mountain Care is good for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, and emphasizes the importance of solidarity between patients and health workers in calling for universal healthcare.

Human Rights Standards for Healthcare Benefits

These human rights standards for health care “benefits” were developed by Vermont’s Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign to hold the government accountable for enabling access to all needed care and meeting all health needs.

Affordable Care Act Supreme Court Challenge FAQ

This document explains the significance of the 2012 Supreme Court case dealing with challenges to the federal healthcare reform act and responds to frequently asked questions regarding the relationship between the ”Affordable Care Act” and the human right to healthcare.

Human Rights Principles for Healthcare

This document presents Vermont’s Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign’s original statement of the five human rights principles (universality, equity, accountability, transparency, and participation).