Beyond Coverage: Putting People First in Pennsylvania’s Healthcare System

This report, Beyond Coverage: Putting People First in Pennsylvania’s Healthcare System, tells the story of Pennsylvania’s healthcare system from the perspective of the people of the state. Through surveys of over 300 people in 43 counties and stories from five courageous individuals, Beyond Coverage reveals the critical ways in which the state’s private, for-profit insurance system is failing to […]

The People’s Media Project: Media and Communications in the Movement

This article describes the Vermont Workers’ Center’s approach to media and communications. Amongst the many themes it addresses are how the VWC thinks about making media, the role movement media plays in shifting public discourse and creating a shared vision based on human rights principles, and how media makers are also organizers.

Towards Equitable Financing of Green Mountain Care

In this report, the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign sets out financing standards for universal healthcare and specifies a mix of equitable revenue sources for financing Vermont’s universal healthcare system.

Equitable Financing Plan for Vermont’s Universal Healthcare System

In this report, the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign shows how public financing for universal healthcare can be achieved in Vermont by 2017. It presents detailed cost and revenue models that demonstrate it is not only possible, but financially and economically advantageous to implement a publicly financed healthcare system in Vermont. Download the report […]

NESRI’s Universal Periodic Review Report

This report was submitted to the UN Human Rights Council by NESRI and a coalition of seven collaborating organizations. It addresses serious and ongoing issues in the state of economic and social rights in the US, and gives recommendations for action by the US Government.

Unequal Health Outcomes in the US

This report to the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination documents racial and ethnic disparities in health and health care in the United States.

Embedding the Human Right to Healthcare in the US State Constitutions

Over recent years, health reform advocates in a number of U.S. states have run campaigns for including the human right to health care in state constitutions. This review summarizes these efforts, analyzes challenges common to this advocacy strategy, and offers key lessons learned. It examines cases from Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan, Oregon, North Carolina, and Florida.

Human Rights Assessment of Single Payer Plans

This report provides an in-depth human rights assessment of single payer health care proposals, along with a framework for assessing legislation. It compares single payer plans to the market-based insurance model and finds that a single payer approach is able to meet most human rights standards.

Access to Healthcare: Experience and Views in Lewis & Clark County

The Universal Access to Health Care Task Force conducted nine focus groups with community members across Lewis & Clark County to assess the health needs of community members and collect their suggestions for improving access to care. NESRI helped prepare this in-depth research report on participants’ views and experiences.