Committee Coordinator Member Brainstorm Worksheet

This worksheet, prepared by the Vermont Workers’ Center, is intended to assist Organizing Committee coordinators in both assessing their committee’s contacts and members and coming up with next steps to advance these contacts and members in their leadership development.

After Meeting Debrief Questions for Leadership Development

This list of debrief questions, prepared by the Vermont Workers’ Center, is intended to assist organizers and committee and team coordinators in thinking about the organization’s members and creating concrete next steps and plans for their ongoing leadership development.

New Member Handbook

This handbook orients new members of the Vermont Workers’ Center to the organization’s mission, analysis and strategic orientation, history, structure, human rights organizing approach, campaigns, fundraising, budget, by laws and organizational agreements.  It also provides new members with lessons from the organization’s Healthcare Is a Human Right campaign, a list of organizational partners and movement […]

Campaign Planning Practice

This tool describes how to use the Issue Assessment Chart to carry out an exercise in campaign planning.

Issue Assessment Chart

This chart is designed as a tool to help activists discuss the strength of an issue for organizing.

Vermont Workers’ Center Healthcare Survey

This seven-question survey is designed to collect information about access to healthcare and give participants the chance to get involved further in the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign.