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Healthcare Is a Human Right is a people’s movement. The only way we’re going to realize the change we need in the world is by coming together and combining our efforts to struggle for our rights. If you believe that healthcare is a human right, join us! Here are five ways you can join the cause:

Join one of our campaigns

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Become part of the movement

Are you part of a campaign or organization that is interested in joining the HCHR Campaign Collaborative? Let’s talk.

Share your skills

Do you have special knowledge about the healthcare system as a health care professional, policymaker, academic, or industry insider that you want to share? Do you have skills in web design, video or audio production, photography, or other media? If you have knowledge or a skill you want to share, let us know.

Share your story

Want to speak out? Find a piece of paper, write one sentence or less saying why you think healthcare is a human right, take a selfie of yourself holding the paper toward the camera, and share your photo on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or your favorite social media network. Be sure you tag your photo #HealthcareIsAHumanRight.

“We should make healthcare affordable to everyone. That means access to actual care, not just to insurance policies.”

– Duane Trusdale,
member of HCHR-MD