HCHR Collaborative statement on healthcare organizing in the Trump era

December 23, 2016   |   healthcareisahumanright.org
We recognize there will be hard times ahead, and make these commitments in the struggle for our health, our communities, and our human rights.

What to expect from the coming Republican attacks on health care

November 18, 2016   |   nesri.org
Hard-right Republicans have taken over all branches of government and are pledging to repeal the Affordable Care Act and privatize and cut Medicare, Medicaid and other public health programs. Here's what to expect.

Letter to the editor: Livid about health care greed

November 16, 2016   |   York Dispatch
Highmark’s withdrawal of their ACA plans from the York Market has me livid. Greedy profiteering on a nation's health care needs is utterly immoral and unacceptable.

#TreatNotTrick action in Philadelphia

October 31, 2016   |   PPF-PA
PPF-PA worked with SNaHP to lead this #TrickNotTreat action on Halloween

Reflecting on My First PPF-PA Membership Assembly

October 5, 2016   |   PPF-PA
Put People First! PA member Farrah Samuels reflects on her first Membership Assembly.

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