Guide to Canvassing

This PowerPoint from explains what canvassing is and walks people through how to canvas.

Healthcare Is a Human Right – Maryland Healthcare Survey

This survey from Healthcare Is a Human Right – Maryland is both a data collection tool and an outreach and organizing tool. Data from the survey was published in the Voices of Maryland’s Healthcare Crisis and the Rising Human Rights Movement report.

Healthcare Is a Human Right – Maryland Campaign FAQ

This fact sheet by HCHR-Maryland answers frequently asked questions about human rights, the human rights framework for healthcare reform and single payer. It contrasts publicly financed healthcare with market-based health insurance, explains the basics of the Affordable Care Act, and addresses issues relevant for labor unions.

Growing the Healthcare Is a Human Right Movement, One State After Another

At the 2013 Left Forum in New York City, leaders from the Healthcare Is a Human Right campaigns in Vermont, Maine and Maryland presented their organizing model for achieving universal, publicly financed health care in their states. Moderated by NESRI, panelists discussed their collaboration, lessons learned, and how to expand this movement to other states.