Beyond Coverage: Putting People First in Pennsylvania’s Healthcare System

This report, Beyond Coverage: Putting People First in Pennsylvania’s Healthcare System, tells the story of Pennsylvania’s healthcare system from the perspective of the people of the state. Through surveys of over 300 people in 43 counties and stories from five courageous individuals, Beyond Coverage reveals the critical ways in which the state’s private, for-profit insurance system is failing to […]

What Is a Human Rights Narrative and How Can It Help Create Change?

This fact sheet describes the components of a human rights narrative and how it can be used to counter dominant narratives that deny people’s rights and maintain systems of oppression. A human rights narrative reflects shared values that unify people around a positive vision for transformative change.

Spokesperson Training

This training presentation prepares participants for talking to the media, with the goal of developing them into effective spokespeople for the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign.

A People’s Budget: Our Voice, Our Needs, Our Rights

This short video, produced by NESRI in collaboration with the Vermont Workers’ Center and their People’s Budget Campaign, explains how public budgets work now, and how they can and should work based on people’s voices, needs and rights.  The People’s Budget Campaign won a law requiring Vermont to develop a budget that addresses needs, advances […]

Stories Project – Guide to Getting Video Testimonies

This guide, produced by the Vermont Workers’ Center, provides best practices for collecting Healthcare Is a Human Right video testimonials that speak to both personal struggles with the current health care system as well as visions for a universal health care system.

Letters to the Editor Writeathon

This online Letter to the Editor form, featured on the Vermont Workers’ Center’s website, offers useful tips for writing letters to the editor and the ability to submit letters directly to Vermont media outlets.

Letters to the Editor Worksheet

This worksheet, produced by the Vermont Workers’ Center, provides an easy to use template for writing a Healthcare Is a Human Right letter to the editor. The Vermont Workers’ Center’s website also features an online Letter to the Editor form that offers useful tips for writing letters to the editor and the ability to submit […]

The People’s Media Project: Media and Communications in the Movement

This article describes the Vermont Workers’ Center’s approach to media and communications. Amongst the many themes it addresses are how the VWC thinks about making media, the role movement media plays in shifting public discourse and creating a shared vision based on human rights principles, and how media makers are also organizers.

Toward Justice in Health Care Video

This video from the Southern Maine Workers’ Center highlights the Workers’ Center’s Healthcare Is a Human Right campaign. The video features footage from a public event co-sponsored with co-sponsored with the Portland NAACP “Toward Justice in Health Care: A Community Dialogue on Human Rights, Health Care, and the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

Growing the Healthcare Is a Human Right Movement, One State After Another

At the 2013 Left Forum in New York City, leaders from the Healthcare Is a Human Right campaigns in Vermont, Maine and Maryland presented their organizing model for achieving universal, publicly financed health care in their states. Moderated by NESRI, panelists discussed their collaboration, lessons learned, and how to expand this movement to other states.

Campaigns for the Human Right to Healthcare: Stories from Struggles

At the US Social Forum (Detroit in June 2010), Rishi Manchanda from the South Los Angeles Coalition for Health and Human Rights, Kim Abbott from the Montana Human Rights Network, Peg Franzen from the Vermont Workers’ Center, and Anja Rudiger from NESRI discuss approaches, challenges, victories, and lessons learned in their struggles for human right […]

Peg Franzen Tribute Video

NESRI and the Poverty Initiative held an event at the Church Center of the United Nations in honor of Peg Franzen, a community leader who made an incalculable contribution to growing the movement for health care as a human right.

Healthcare Is a Human Right MayDay Rally

On May 1st, 2009, the Vermont Workers’ Center brought the human right to health care to the nation’s attention with its first large Mayday rally at the Statehouse in Montpelier. The Healthcare is a Human Right rally was endorsed by over 100 organizations, including NESRI, faith and labor leaders, and other national and state-based organizations. […]

Vermonters Demand an Equitable Health System

As a universal, equitable health care system is within reach for Vermonters, the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign (run by the Vermont Workers’ Center) has released this short video of Vermonters demanding an equitable health care system. The Vermont legislature is considering a bill for a roadmap to a single-payer system in Vermont.

A People’s Struggle for Universal Healthcare

A universal health care system that’s accountable to the people is now within Vermonters’ reach. The Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign (run by the Vermont Workers’ Center) has released this short video of Vermonters demanding an accountable health care system. The video is part of a series, all featuring Vermonters calling for a new […]

Vermont Workers’ Center: How we Won Healthcare for All

Vermont Workers’ Center organizers Mary Gerisch, Kate Kanelstein and Sarah Weintraub visit Oregon and talk about the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign and how the campaign succeeded in bringing universal health care to their state.

Economists Throw Weight Behind Universal Health Care in Vermont

This article in Common Dreams reprints the open letter from economists to Vermont legislature calling for universal, publicly financed healthcare. The article concludes that “Thursday’s letter indicates that the grassroots movement has not lost momentum.”

Can’t Afford Not to Act

In this op-ed, a Vermont nurse speaks out about how the current healthcare system fails to meet her patients’ needs.

29 Arrested After Statehouse Protest

The Burlington Free Press covers the Vermont State House sit-in. The article highlights legislators’ perspectives on the protests as well as Vermont Workers’ Center President James Haslam’s comments.

Sitting In for Healthcare

This op-ed was written by one of the 29 members of the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign who staged a sit-in in the Vermont State House and were arrested as a result. The author tells how he was personally affected by a healthcare system that doesn’t meet human rights standards, and calls on legislature […]

Moving Forward with Healthcare

In this op-ed Vermont Workers’ Center President James Haslam responds to Gov. Shumlin’s decision to abandon his commitment to single-payer universal healthcare.

Why Universal Health Care Is Essential for a More Equitable Society

This article explains why the current healthcare system is exacerbating inequality in our society and how public healthcare financing can help change this. It uses the equitable healthcare financing plan introduced by Vermont’s Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign to illustrate why healthcare is a matter of equality.

The Fight for Health Care Justice Moves to States

LaborNotes reports on the groundswell of state-by-state organizing for universal, publicly financed healthcare, citing the leadership of the Vermont Workers’ Center in building a winning model.

Op-Ed: New Solution for Universal Healthcare

This article examines how the Supreme Court challenge to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) creates an opportunity to reevaluate healthcare reform — and explains how Vermont’s human rights model for healthcare reform meets people’s fundamental needs in a way that the ACA’s market-based model cannot.

Bernie Sanders: Healthcare is a Right Not a Privilege

In this article, Senator Bernie Sanders affirms healthcare as a right and states that “at the end of the day, as difficult as it may be, the fight for a national health care program will prevail. Like the civil rights movement, the struggle for women’s rights and other grass-roots efforts, justice in this country is […]

The Battle of the Story Worksheet

This exercise, created by the Center for Story-Based Strategy, is intended to help grassroots activists analyze the current narrative climate around an issue and create more compelling narratives to communicate their campaigns. The Vermont Workers’ Center used this exercise in developing their narrative strategy in the lead up to their universal health care victory in […]