Equitable Healthcare Financing: The Vermont Proposals

In this presentation, NESRI and the Vermont Worker’s Center summarize the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign’s proposals for financing universal healthcare in Vermont, based on the Campaign’s detailed report published in response to the Vermont Governor’s failure to implement the state’s universal healthcare law.

Point of Entry Canvassing Workshop

This powerpoint workshop presentation, produced by the United Workers, offers considerations in choosing a point of entry or outreach to potential new members and the basics of canvassing and organizing conversations.

Guide to Canvassing

This PowerPoint from explains what canvassing is and walks people through how to canvas.

Using Human Rights for Health Care Advocacy

This presentation sets out the basics for using a human rights approach to develop broad-based campaigns and advocacy initiatives for health care reform, illustrated with examples of lessons learned from Vermont’s Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign.

Rural Montana Community for Human Rights – APHA

This presentation explains the pioneering effort in Lewis & Clark County, Montana, to establish a local universal health care system based on human rights. It focuses on the first phase of the endeavor, a community needs assessment.

Building Local Support for the Human Right to Healthcare

This presentation, prepared for the conference “Health and Human Rights in Connecticut” at the University of Connecticut, April 28, 2011, shows how the human rights framework can be used for health reform advocacy in the United States, with examples from Montana and Vermont.