Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign Testimony, Joint Health Care Committee Hearing

This testimony was presented by Traven Leyshon on behalf of the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign to the Joint Health Committee Hearing on January 29, 2015. It calls for equitable healthcare financing and demands a democratic process for implementing universal healthcare in Vermont, following the Governor’s unilateral decision not to adopt a public financing […]

Put People First! PA Stands with the Vermont Workers Center

This statement from Put People First! Pennsylvania expresses solidarity with the Vermont Workers’ Center following Gov. Shumlin’s abandonment of the universal healthcare agenda and explains why timely healthcare reform is crucial.

NESRI Statement on Federal Health Reform

Despite all the celebrations about the federal health reform law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed in March 2010, the law fails to meet the key human rights standards of universality, equity, and accountability.

Vermont Declaration of Human Rights

Vermont’s People’s Convention for Human Rights, held in September 2012 with over 40 organizations participating, adopted this declaration of human rights, which outlines the current human rights crisis, its root causes, and the vision for realizing human rights.

Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign Comments on the draft “Hsiao” report

This document poses questions and comments on the healthcare system proposals drafted by Dr. Hsiao for Green Mountain Care. It raises concerns about the delay before implementation of universal coverage, calls for the inclusion of undocumented workers under the principal of universality, and questions whether the proposals provide equity of access and financing.

Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign Renews Call for Legislature to Move Forward, Not Backward, on Healthcare Reform

This statement calls on the Vermont Legislature to protect the rights of low-income Vermonters who were forced into the federally-mandated health insurance ”exchange” marketplace pursuing the ’Affordable Care Act’. It emphasizes the importance of continued access to care for low-income people who were covered under Vermont’s Catamount and VHAP health insurance programs.

The People’s Address

This Address on the future of Vermont’s budget and healthcare systems was delivered by the Vermont Workers’ Center and its Put People First partners. The People’s Address was given ahead of the Governor’s Budget Address and the Administration’s presentation of a financing plan for universal healthcare on January 24, 2013.

From Coverage to Care: Re-envisioning Our Healthcare System

This statement sets out the Vermont Campaign’s position on healthcare “benefits,” demanding a shift from a limited “benefits” model, which restricts access to care based on what is covered by an insurance plan, to a comprehensive model that guarantees access to all needed care.

A Moral Obligation Still Unmet

This document details the shortcomings of federal healthcare reform plans and calls on Vermonters to unite in their shared values and continue their legacy as a leading force in establishing human rights by rallying for the human right to universal, publicly financed healthcare.

Vermont Workers’ Center Statement on Commencement of Green Mountain Care Board

This statement by the Vermont Workers’ Center calls on Governor Shumlin’s administration and the board responsible for the development of Green Mountain Care’s budget and benefits package to continually guide its decisions by the human rights principles outlined in Act 48 — universality, equity (of access and financing), transparency and accountability, participation. The statement notes […]

Statement on Equitable Financing of Green Mountain Care

This statement by the Vermont Workers’ Center calls for equitable, public financing of Vermont’s universal healthcare system (Green Mountain Care) through income taxes based on ability to pay as well as a progressive payroll tax paid by employers.

Statement on the Green Mountain Care Financing and Benefits Debate

This statement by the Vermont Workers’ Center calls on the Governor Shumlin’s administration to replace costly health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs with an equitable financing mechanism. It explains why “benefits packages” do not meet people’s health needs and places limitations on their ability to get comprehensive care.